• Can You Pause Your Auto Insurance?

    While it is not technically possible to “pause” your auto insurance because it is a requirement in most states, some insurance providers offer options to suspend liability coverage if you anticipate you won’t be driving for an extended period. How Do You Pause Your Auto Insurance? Depending on who you purchased auto insurance with, you […]

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  • What Is Gap Insurance for Cars?

    Gap, or guaranteed asset protection, insurance is designed to help drivers cover the difference between the amount dispersed from their insurer and the amount left on their auto loan in the event of a total loss of a vehicle. In most cases, gap insurance isn’t required by law (but can be by a lender) but […]

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  • What Are the Risks of Liability Only Auto Insurance?

    Before completing an auto insurance purchase, it’s important to understand various insurance terms to make an informed decision. While full coverage offers comprehensive protection, including liability and collision, a liability-only insurance policy covers vehicle damage and bodily injury caused during an accident. Here are some risks of liability-only auto insurance. Risks to the Vehicle A […]

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  • What Happens If I Total a Financed Vehicle?

    When someone is in an accident, their insurance provider will weigh the cost of repairing the car against its current value. If fixing the car isn’t economically feasible, they will consider it totaled. Here’s some information on the insurance requirements for a financed vehicle and what happens if it gets totaled. Insurance Requirements for Financed […]

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  • What Happens If You’re at Fault in a Car Accident in Texas?

    When you’re at fault in an automobile accident, you might instantly begin to feel overwhelmed by the many thoughts running through your head. Is anyone hurt? How much will this cost? Who do I call? These questions, and probably several others, might come to mind. The best way to be prepared is to understand the […]

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  • What to Do If You’re in a Car Accident in Mexico

    If you plan to drive to Mexico, it is essential to check if your auto insurance policy covers any damages incurred or caused while in Mexico, as well as theft of your vehicle. While there are numerous other considerations to make before traveling across the border, from currency exchanges to language barriers, the last thing […]

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  • Why Cheap Car Insurance Isn’t Always Better

    A woman driving a blue vehicle

    Finding the right auto insurance can be a challenge, especially when trying to stick to a budget. But choosing the cheapest coverage might not pay off in the long run. Here’s what to consider when looking at different auto insurance policies. Deductible Cost Auto insurance that has low monthly premiums often has higher deductibles, which […]

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  • Car Insurance for Teen Drivers: Answers to Your Biggest Questions

    A young female in the driver side of a car representing a teen driver

    Teen drivers have the reputation of being reckless, leading to higher premiums for beginning drivers as well as apprehension on the parents’ part. Knowing the answers to the questions surrounding auto insurance for teen drivers can help alleviate some of these common anxieties when your child first starts driving. Specific Coverage for Teen Drivers Teen […]

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  • Does American Auto Insurance Coverage Extend to Mexico?

    the flag of Mexico blowing in the wind

    Americans traveling abroad have many things to consider before making their trip, from currency conversion to language barriers. But one thing many traveling Americans don’t think about is auto insurance for driving in a foreign country. This is particularly true for those traveling to Mexico, who can drive their own vehicles across the border with […]

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