• Boat Insurance: A Beginner’s Guide to Coverage

    Having a boat can be one of life’s many joys. From Saturday mornings fishing to Sunday afternoons sailing, boating is a hobby that millions of Americans enjoy. While boating is a great way to spend your time, it doesn’t come without some risks. According to Statista, 3,191 people were injured in boating accidents in the […]

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  • The Benefits of Bundling Insurance Policies

    If you’re a new homeowner looking to purchase home insurance, in addition to your existing auto insurance policy, bundling insurance policies may be the best option for your wallet. While it may sound intimidating, bundling insurance can save you money and time. By bundling policies with the help of your agent, you can customize your […]

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  • How to Help Protect Your Car From Severe Weather

    2020 brought the most intense hurricane season the Gulf Coast has seen, so prioritizing protecting property in the event of severe weather has quickly climbed to the top of many homeowners’ hurricane prep checklists. Learn how to better prepare your vehicle in the event you experience flooding, hurricane-force winds, or dangerous loose debris in Hidalgo […]

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