Can You Pause Your Auto Insurance?

While it is not technically possible to “pause” your auto insurance because it is a requirement in most states, some insurance providers offer options to suspend liability coverage if you anticipate you won’t be driving for an extended period.

How Do You Pause Your Auto Insurance?

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Depending on who you purchased auto insurance with, you may have the ability to pause your liability coverage if you won’t be operating your vehicle for an extended time. If you’re interested in pausing your auto insurance, your first step should be contacting your insurance provider to check your options and discuss why you’d like to pause your coverage. Common reasons for pausing auto insurance include:

  • Traveling abroad for a long time and you won’t be driving
  • Going to school and you will not be driving
  • Traveling overseas for military work
  • Waiting for a suspended driver’s license to be reissued

What Happens If You Pause Your Insurance?

While you can pause your liability coverage in some instances, you will still be required to retain comprehensive coverage in most states. Pausing your liability coverage because you won’t be driving can save you some money in the short term. But it’s also important to note that pausing your liability coverage means you give up crucial protection such as uninsured motorists, accident benefits, and third-party liability. Meaning if you do choose to operate your vehicle after dropping your liability insurance, you won’t be protected from property damage or medical expenses you cause while operating your vehicle.

How Can You Reactivate Your Auto Insurance After Suspending It?

When you are ready to start driving again, get in touch with your insurance provider to inquire about reinstating your policy. Based on your insurance provider and how long you have paused your insurance, you may have to apply for a new policy. Once your policy is in order, the next step is to confirm that your registration is still viable and submit all the required documents with updated insurance information.

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